Green fingers add value to your property

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 08/07/2022

It’s summer and an attractive garden looking at its very best will help to sell your home, there is no question about it. For the price of a few shrubs, a flowering clematis and a little time and effort you could be adding £££s to the value of your home.

An attractive garden can add real value and saleability to a property. Once you’ve considered the property’s position and state of repair, three other factors are critical in terms of its value- the garden, its privacy and views.

Properties with stunning views over countryside, or perfectly manicured and landscaped borders will always sell at a premium price but don’t despair if your home isn’t a Bleinham, Chatsworth, or Hampton court. A good, tidy garden which makes a positive impact the first time you see it will attract a buyer.

Top tips for improving your garden without breaking the bank include:

  • Keep the grass short- a very overgrown lawn can put a potential buyer off
  • Tidy borders, clearing all weeds so that the garden looks easy to maintain
  • Give your garden a clear bold shape so that it looks inviting
  • If you have a rickety old shed, either get rid of it or move it to a corner where it doesn’t show and grow plants around it to help disguise it
  • Camouflage boundaries with wall shrubs and climbers to make the garden seem more private.
  • Plant flowering hanging baskets, fast growing perennials and bedding plants for instant colour and a welcoming look.
  • Repair any damaged fences quickly so that they don’t look unsightly
  • Ensure all garden furniture looks clean and well looked after
  • Position the washing line in a corner not in the middle of the garden
  • Don’t forget the impact a front garden can have- hanging baskets look great near a front door.

A colourful, tidy garden appeals to most buyers, particularly those with children. For example, we believe that if we have two very similar homes at the same asking price, it is the one with the better garden that will go first and for a higher price every time.