How to sell your house without your neighbours knowing

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 27/07/2022

.... but did you know it is possible to sell a property without a For Sale board or internet advert – which means your dream home might not appear where you are looking.

Discreet Marketing is an industry phrase which refers to properties that are available to buy, but not advertised in the public domain. In this article, we explain how buyers can go about finding exclusive off-market properties and how you can successfully sell your home without any public advertising.

Not every property we have for sale is advertised publicly

As a buyer how do you find out about these exclusive properties? Our Discreet Marketing service means that not every property we have for sale is visible on our website, because our clients have requested that we keep details of their home away from public advertising. The only way to find out about our Discreet Marketing properties is to register with us.  

Why do some sellers prefer to take this route?

Some people prefer to sell their homes with as little fuss as possible and ask professionals to manage the process discreetly. The reason why some people want their homes sold as privately as possible varies, but we are always happy to arrange a sale in this way and have a great deal of experience with successful discreet marketing.

Given the hot market we have recently been experiencing, an increasingly significant number of clients do not feel the need for massive publicity announcing that their homes are for sale. This means no ‘for sale’ board, no advertising in the press, no window display in the estate agents office and no direct mail marketing. Instead, we approach buyers who have previously registered as being in the market for that particular type of property.

A vendor’s need for discretion may be motivated by a variety of things. It may be the simple wish not to have news of the prospective sale splashed about. Some people want to avoid having neighbours inspecting their home. Others are annoyed by buyers who appear to be time wasters, and some simply want to maintain their privacy. The discreet marketing approach allows agents to vet all prospective buyers to ascertain that they are serious buyers and able to proceed with a purchase if they offer.

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about selling your home discreetly, please call in for a chat at our offices at 8 High Street Wetherby LS22 6LT or call 01937 589388/ Max Hodgson Mobile 07768 765850