Period Property: Which Era is the Best for Investment?

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 21/01/2020

Not only is our property is a reflection of who we are, but it’s also one of the largest investments that we’ll ever make. Therefore, when we commit to purchasing a property it MUST hold its value and retain our equity, otherwise we’re losing out. Currently in England, we’re experiencing a housing deficit - a deficit of 3.91 million properties to be precise. To put this into context, that means 340,000 properties must be built each year until 2031 in order to satisfy rising demands! So, as you can imagine, with new-builds springing up left, right and centre, period properties, with their characterful bay windows, spacious porches and stone-built structures, are becoming ever more desirable. The question is, what eras of property are the most popular with today’s buyers and provide us with the best in terms of investment? Read on to discover our top 3.


Taking it Back to Tudor Times

It’s hard to miss a Tudor property. Commonly regarded as the final encore of medieval architecture, Tudor properties have been around since 1485 and didn’t lose their popularity until 1603. You can spot a Tudor property a mile off. When coupled with an exposed timber frame and narrow leaded windows, their distinctive black and white exterior means that, especially today, they stand out for their character and design. Thatched roofs are also a common feature, despite many being replaced with more modern alternatives. Nevertheless, such a unique, almost fairytale aesthetic makes Tudor homes an attractive investment with the scope to fetch a premium price as the population of new-builds continues to grow.


It’s all Very Victorian

Aside from a new era of industry, the Victorians gave us properties of unmistakable grandeur. Their combination of the gothic and distinctive Italianate styling really does set them apart from anything else on the market today. A few tell tale signs of a property’s Victorian heritage include large sash windows, protruding angular porches and grey slate roof tile. High ceilings and characterful interior decor make these properties a perfect entertaining space, especially when refurbished with a modern touch. What’s more, Victorian houses come in various forms. From town houses and semis to fully detached mansions, you can buy into the victorian lifestyle at virtually any price point - an attractive selling feature for buyers across the housing spectrum.


Going all Georgian

Georgian properties take symmetry and proportion to another level. From the height of their sash windows to the uniformity of their stonework, mathematics underpins most Georgian designs. One look at a plasterwork ceiling or a housing crescent is all you need to fully understand the era’s mathematical influences, which stem from the classical architecture of Greece and Rome. Georgian buildings became the ‘in thing’ in the early 1700s, not dying out until the Victorian era in the 1830s. However, this doesn’t’ mean that today buyers are deterred by this mathematical fanaticism. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. According to new research by Anglian Home Improvements, us Brits see Georgian houses as some of the most desirable properties on the market today! A green light for eagle-eyed investor.

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