The 3 Essential Ingredients For Achieving Show Home Status

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 15/11/2019

In the world of property, it’s not hard to come across a house, but very rarely do you come across a show home. By a show home we mean one that takes pride in its appearance, embraces bold design and urges you to remove your shoes regardless of your attitude to in-house cleanliness. As estate agents we recognise the impacts that show houses have on buyers and their power towards influencing that all important purchase. So, to help you get your viewers gasping, here are our 3 essential ingredients to achieving show home status.

A Superior Finish

A high-quality well-designed interior is the centrepiece of any show home and often what differentiates a property from its competition. By taking time to consider on-trend designs, the best use of space and ways to integrate high end fixtures and fittings, vendors can easily make the transition from ‘nice’ house to show home. Take a kitchen for example. Install new two-tone units with stainless or copper hardware and you’ll soon set your kitchen apart from the droves of stained wood and cheap discoloured white units. FYI two tone cabinets work wonders for creating a feature wall or accenting a peninsula or island, especially when dressed with granite, quartz or marble worktops.

And it’s not just the expensive modifications that make all the difference. Subtle touches such as thick carpets, stainless sockets and a Farrow & Ball-esque colour palette go a long way towards making a space feel unique and turn heads both in person and online.  

Furnishings and Furniture

Ask any interior designer and they’ll be sure to inform you that furnishings and furniture make all the difference when showing a property. Reason being that furnished properties make the buyer’s life a whole lot easier. Present a prospective purchaser with an empty house and they’re left thinking an assortment of – will my bed fit here? Is my TV too big for this space? And, is there enough storage? All thoughts that will ultimately distract them from the potential of the space in front of them.

Present a house fully furnished however and immediately such concerns are put to bed. Buyers can physically see how much space a double bed takes from a room, what inch of TV is a good fit for the lounge and that your airing cupboard can swallow plenty of fresh towels and bed linen. If done right, staging your home can make all the difference.

Step Outside

It’s pointless boasting a high-end interior finish if life on the outside is nothing to brag about. The truth being that a property’s exterior is what determines any buyer’s first impression, so it’s important that it’s smart and well-presented. As we all know, in today’s world of Rightmove and On The Market, first impressions really do count! Present a prospective purchaser with peeling paint, a ‘mature’ (overgrown) garden and very little in the way of landscaping, and it won’t be long before they’re eyeing up others in the street - not the ideal scenario!

Hence why outside space should be well-maintained, both front and back. Keeping weeds from breeding up the driveway and mowing the lawn should be second nature – it’s when you make improvements on top of general maintenance that a show home starts to appear. For instance, investments in materials such as decking, paving and fencing, which help enhance the privacy and functionality of your outside space.

Saying that, our number one recommendation would be to invest in a set of patio or bifold doors. By doing so you not only increase the flow from your house into the garden but also the amount of light present inside.

Come to think of it, this all reminds us of a property that we currently have on the market. Boasting a high interior finish as well as stylish furnishings and functional outside space, 11, North Grove Way is a property we highly recommend checking out. With four good sized bedrooms, two bathrooms and a prominent open flow, the property is not only the perfect family home, but also a good option for anyone requiring easy access to Wetherby and its amenities.

For more details on 11, North Grove Way and to see this show home for yourself, get in contact with one of our team.