6 Ways to Make Your Dining Area More Interesting

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 07/06/2019

Does your eating space seem incomplete? Maybe it’s in need of an update but you’re not sure which elements to change in order to make the room more welcoming for friends and family? Don’t fear – we’ve called on expert Massimo Cian, head of style and design at Calligaris, to give us his top tips to help transform your dining area. 

We’re not talking about major interventions here… just a few small, well-thought-out changes that will make all the difference. “The dining room is composed of many elements, so it’s important not only to pay attention to the table and chairs, but also to widen your focus to other furnishing and decor details, too,” suggests Massimo.

Ready to be inspired? Then read on for six clever ideas to create the scheme you deserve.
by Calligaris
1. ‘Furnish’ the Walls

A decorative wall is something we usually associate with the living room, but in reality, it’s an interesting option for the dining room as well. A wall-hung cabinet and shelves are not only useful for storing table linens and accessories, but they also contribute to the final look of a room, especially when combined with a mirror or painting. Plus, it’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for a storage unit that isn’t cumbersome and won’t take up too much room.
by Calligaris
2. Include an Interesting Sideboard

If you have the space to do so, why not include a sideboard that will fill an empty space and provide a compelling focal point? This model shown integrates well with the other pieces in the room and has a bold, attention-grabbing design. Don’t forget to the top of the sideboard as well – decorate it with a lamp, a candleholder, or a vase of flowers, for an extra touch of homeyness.
by Calligaris
3. Add a Splash of Colour

Adding to or enhancing the colour palette of your space is another simple yet powerful way to transform this important part of your home. Introduce a piece or two of colourful furniture and connect it with other elements – here, different shades of red are seen in the sideboard, cabinets, chairs, on the table, and in the rug.
Modern Dining Room by Calligaris
4. Reupholster Your Chairs 

When it comes to the textiles in your room, dining chairs are often overlooked as something ‘customisable,’ yet considering this option can totally revamp a space. You can reupholster all of your chairs in a new fabric or just some of them, mixing colours or textures or using the same for all. Opt for a coordinated look and use this opportunity to pull from your chosen chair theme and enhance the rest of your space – as shown with the teal chair upholstery and complementary artwork pictured.
Contemporary Dining Room by Calligaris
5. Complete the Look With a Rug

A rug is an accessory that can pull everything together. Not only does it make your room seem more homey, but it also can connect the elements in your space and provides an accent of colour or pattern.

“Choose between a solid colour or a pattern, being careful to calculate the right size for the space,” advises Massimo. “The rug should be large enough to avoid hindering the movement of your dining chairs.” 

And, if you’re worried about staining a rug that is placed under the table, the solution is to always have a special detergent on hand to be applied on the soiled area only. There are many different types, both fast-acting and easy to use.
by Calligaris
6. Include Useful Accessories

In addition to the essential furnishings, such as the dining table and chairs, it’s a good idea to add other accessories, such as a handy trolley, side table, or a small bookcase. Each of these options will create some much-needed extra space to place things when guests are at dinner, and they help make the atmosphere more welcoming and complete.

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