Priority Changes for Post-COVID Homebuyer

News at Maxwell Hodgson | 22/07/2021


... especially when it comes to where we spend most of our time – our homes.
Before you make a checklist of must-haves for your new home and discuss with your estate agent, you may want to consider these factors. Even if you were not thinking about buying soon, it may be a good time to reassess if your house still suits your day-to-day life.

Here are the top trends and priorities for homebuyers.

Outside Space

In a recent survey, commissioned by property portal Share to Buy and housing association Peabody, 64% of the potential first time buyers stated that having a private garden has grown in importance to them since the start of the pandemic. With many people working from home, having the outdoor space to enjoy after work is important for relaxation.

Gardens also became one of the few places during lockdown where families could gather. This versatile space can be important for mental health, entertainment and even physical health as a place to exercise. In past home searches you may have thought about the garden space last, whereas now you may want to consider as a top priority.

More Room

For several reasons, needing more room just in general could be enough of a reason to move. Trying to expand or build onto your current home could be time consuming and possibly more costly than investing that money into a larger home altogether, with reports of building costs rising significantly.

The phrase “There is no place like home” became very literal as there were no other places to go. Homes also acted as restaurants, entertainment centers, gyms, offices and more. Many households have also become multigenerational due to parents needing extra care and university students needing to move off campuses. While kerb appeal may still be a factor, many buyers have shifted their focus to the functionality of their home with space being a key consideration.

Work From Home

Working in the same place you also sleep or eat can be psychologically frustrating which is why so many people working from home tried to create a designated space for their workday. As the workforce returns to office, many employers may decide to keep jobs permanently remote or a combination of in office and at home. This new normal means a temporary solution in a current home may not be enough. Moving would allow you to look for a home with a shed in the garden or an extra room as a permanent solution.

Away from Work, Towards Friends and Family

As hybrid and remote work become the new normal, the commute to work becomes less important. Due to this, it may be time to look in a different area all together when looking for your next home. Going further away from a city could mean getting more for your money.

When deciding what areas you want to look in, you may consider moving closer to friends and family. Communities and social life will certainly be important in a post-pandemic world.  Not having to prioritize work commutes allows you to factor in the areas with good schools, best local amenities, better internet service options and more. It opens up more opportunities and areas you may have never been able to consider before.

A recent survey carried out by Zoopla revealed that of 2,400 homeowner more than half (51%) said their homes fail to meet their needs.

If you are one of those homeowners who think their home doesn’t provide all they need, get in contact and we can start advising you on how to make plans for a move!

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